About Us

We Just Love Kombis

Our Kombi Carts are hand fabricated party trailers using recycled classic VW Kombis. Don’t worry we didn’t ruin any Kombis to make our trailer bars. They are made from salvaging wrecks that are truly beyond repair. So every Kombi Cart has a story to tell and we give the vintage Volkswagen icon a whole new life.

Kombi Cart is a new business started in Warrandyte by Jonathan, Jo and Ben in 2023. We are a passionate family who love Kombis. And we love beer, wine and ice cream too. So we hope we can share some of our passions with you and you can enjoy a little of the Kombi experience and lifestyle at your event.

Our first Kombi Cart was created from our own 1970 Volkswagen microbus that was destroyed in a fire. So we salvaged the wreck and created something good from a very bad situation.

Follow our socials for the background stories of the vehicles that we have saved and the build process.